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Magic, Murder and Dragon Taming

Game of Thrones 6.02 — Home

Here be spoilers.

After watching episode 2 of Season 6 I realized that i just wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut. But in fear of rambling about future episodes endlessly, I will just point our the moments that made me go ‘WTF?’ in this and upcoming episodes.

I. Jon Snow. Is. Alive.

What is dead may never die, the ironborn say. On Game of Thrones, what is dead may come back to life just fine.

Dammit. Nothing is certain on the show anymore.

After seeing the Lord Commander very much dead for the whole first episode, I made myself humbly accept the fact that yes, I was wrong, and no one has 100% immunity in this series. A week later, I have to rethink my TV-worldview yet again.


So, the whole resurrection ritual was pretty much the result of Ser Davos asking Melisandre, “Do you know of any magic that could help him?” My interest peaked up as I’ve never been one to lose hope completely, but my theoretical-physics-loving rational side facepalmed and was like: “He’s been dead for a while, dude!” Melisandre wasn’t as excited about the whole thing, being all ‘If you want to help him, leave him be’ and ‘I never had this gift.’ But of course she tried.

And succeeded.

Honestly, the whole process seemed to me as if she were just doing random things that looked cool and mysterious and hoping it’d work. At least, that’s what I would have done were I in her place. Minutes went by, still-dead-Jon got a haircut, magicky words were uttered and nothing happened. As everyone save the napping Ghost went out of the room, however, the direwolf woke up — and so did Jon.

And as always after a major cliffhanger, it’s time to end the episode. Yay, another week I’ll spend suffering and guessing and trying to predict what’s going to happen next.

II. Ramsay’s Patricide


Why was I surprised? WHY? WHYYYY?

It was pretty obvious from the first scenes with this guy that he’s crazy and downright unpredictable.

But him not only killing his father after congratulating him with the birth of a son and hearing the words ‘You’ll always be my firstborn’, but also setting his ravenous dogs on Walda Freya and the newborn? No. Nope.

Just NO.

Make him pay already! Jaime may have pointed out correctly that the gods spill more blood than all of them combined, but I’m thinking Ramsay’s not that far behind them.

III. Tyrion Makes Friends With Dragons



Now, my intuition has always told me that really, the only character neither George R.R. Martin nor the show writers would dare kill is Jon. Tyrion might be a candidate some episode, but his chances of dying are still pretty low compared to all other characters.

However, when he went down to where Dany’s two dragons are chained, I seriously feared he might be burned alive or eaten. Or both.

But the scene was actually smooth and sweet, Tyrion telling Rhaegal And Vyserion about his childhood dreams of having a dragon, actually touching them without being hurt, freeing first one, then the other. I can only imagine how he must have felt, having these magnificent creatures accept him as… a potential friend, I guess?

Since this show is more than full of gripping twists and turns, we’ll see how exactly this relationship develops.

Rating: 10/10



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