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Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

First of all, FINALLY I got to watch Captain America: Civil War. It was out in Russia since May 5th but the universe decided to delay my seeing it for a couple of days. Second, it’s great when you have friends willing to ditch a lecture with you and go see the movie you’ve been so eagerly waiting for, like, eternity.

Now to the review, which is just going to be me highlighting parts of the film that I found downright awesome/terrible. Although, to be fair, there was only one terrible thing about this movie.

Beware, traveler, spoilers ahead!


People understand me, right? Right? I can’t even.

So, after Peggy Carter’s funeral, Steve and Sharon Carter, Peggy’s niece, have a few scenes together, talk about life, talk about work. And then they kiss.

Um. Am I the only one who doesn’t see any chemistry between the two? I’m totally ignorant when it comes to the comic books universe, but on-screen, it felt so unrealistic and stupid. Seriously, I was actually hoping that there, finally, there’s a film with no romance storyline, but nooooo.

It seems like life stays the same and predictable.

Yeah, and that was the minor terrible thing I was talking about. Here come the good parts.

2. Black Panther

I was worried that Black Panther would come off as bland and two-dimensional since the focus of the story would be on other heroes, but really, all it took for me to like the character were the first few scenes with the guy and a brief but comprehensive backstory on the source of his superpowers.

It was great to see his transition from hate-driven and intent on killing Bucky to actually preventing the villain that killed his father committing suicide. Since his relationship with Steve and the Avengers on Cap’s team has improved by the end of the film, it’s interesting to see how he will interact with Tony Stark later.

Definitely looking forward to the 2018 Black Panther movie.

3. Team Cap, Team Iron Man… Team Peace, anyone?

Before watching the movie, I was hands down Team Iron Man. I love Tony Stark/Robert Downey Jr/Iron Man and everything that has to do with him. Granted, I love Cap as well, and the two previous Captain America films have left lasting positive impressions on me (just as much as the Iron Man series) however, I still feel more attached to Tony. Don’t know why.

Oh, right. Because he’s perfect.

And by perfect, I don’t mean his personality and actions. Far from. In fact, the thing I love most about Tony’s storyline is that it’s not squeaky clean. There are successes, there are falls, there’s joy and there’s shit. Although lately, there’s been a bit too much of shit in his life, it’s great to see how he’s coping with it and how his character grows.

So, about teams. I actually loved the way Cap handled the whole thing. Standing up for his beliefs, unconditionally willing to help and protect Bucky, fighting for the freedom he so greatly values… all of this left me in a bit of a dilemma by the end of the movie. I’m sort of Team Peace now, because it’s just impossible to take sides.

Okay, Iron Man is still my favorite, but pertaining to the conflict at the heart of Civil War, Cap and Iron Man are both right in their own way. The revelation that it was Bucky who killed Tony’s parents upset him (to say the least), and it’s understandable; Steve wants to protect his friend, who’s already suffered enough, and for good reason.

Please sit down and talk? I mean, there’s been enough conflicts among the Avengers already, and Infinity War is coming, guys, don’t you think that sounds scary?

I’m sure Thanos’s evil plans will unite them again, eventually.

4. Camera Magic, Character Deaths Injuries, New Avengers

I went to see Civil Wat after a week of watching movies filmed in the 90s, and once again, I saw the striking contrast between the scenery of the past and what CGI does now. It’s… mind-blowing.

The battle scenes were amazing, as always. Especially the one where Bucky and Steve fight against Iron Man. I was looking forward to it the whole movie, recalling the epic excerpt of it from the trailer. About this particular battle — I was so scared that either Cap or Iron Man would kill the other. When Steve crushed his shield into the Iron Man’s Ark Reactor, I was scared to death he was going to, well, die.

But it concluded with Bucky’s arm ripped off and Tony left unsatisfied after not being able to kill him.

So much for peace.

I’ll stop rambling so just a brief mention about the amazing fact that Ant Man, Hawkeye and Spider Man (this dude hilarious) were in the movie. Different superheroes, different powers, awesome battles — that’s what I love. What I don’t love is sadness, but there was a lot of that. Like the fact that James Rhodes is going to stay out of the action for a while, having been severely disabled after Vision hit him accidentally.

All in all…

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

(Yes, Sharon, that 0.5 point is missing because of you)

And now I wait for Doctor Strange (Benedict! Cumberbatch!) and Thor 3 (Loki!). And Guardians of the Galaxy 2. And so. much. more…



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