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R+L=J? Jon Snow’s Watch Has Ended?

Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3


No gory murders? Check.

Ramsay Bolton doesn’t feed little babies to his dogs? Check.

Dead characters that aren’t creepy bloodthirsty White Walkers walk around Castle Black? Also check.

And yet, this is Game of Thrones, just a nice, moderately paced, relatively bloodless episode.

1. R+L=J!!! Please?

So in Bran’s flashback in this episode we see young Ned Stark battling the Kingsguard Rhaegar Targaryen ordered to protect the Tower of Joy, where Lyanna is kept. Ned sort of defeats his last remaining opponent. Granted, Howland Reed stabbed the latter in the back. The important thing, though, is that Ned’s alive and the last part of the flashback is him ascending the Tower, from which screaming can be heard.

Frustratingly, we’re going to see how that plays out another time.

However, it is safe to assume that what’s kept in the tower could be more than just Lyanna and that Rhaegar wanted to keep her out of the action for a specific reason. Like baby Jon Snow. It’s a pity this fan theory will have to be confirmed/denied only later. Right now, the week’s wait for the next episode seems like eternity.

2. Jon Snow is not a god


And he realizes it. Though by most, his resurrection is treated like a heavenly miracle, he has a pretty realistic view on it. To Melisandre’s question about what he’d seen in the afterlife he answers:


Way to confirm you know nothing, Jon Snow.

You can’t say he doesn’t do anything, however, and I expect more decisive action from him to come in future episodes. Now, we see him executing his murderers (how strange that sounds…) and leaving the Night’s Watch.

May we place hopes on him returning to Winterfell and kicking Ramsay’s ass? Or better yet, killing him? Or better yet, going to King’s Landing and —

OK, my fangirlish head canon is irrelevant here.

What Jon plans to do outside of Castle Black alone, without so much as a dozen armed men is beyond me, and I look forward to finding out what that might be.

3. Dissing the Lannisters

King Tommen goes to the High Sparrow to request that his mother see Myrcella’s resting place, being all I’m-the-King-you-should-obey-me-dammit. On second thought, even that rephrasing of his words is too much.

He just doesn’t know what to do with the power he has. And probably never will.

The High Sparrow has a pleasant conversation with him, invoking words of wisdom and philosophical musings about life, destiny and the gods.

Man, he’s getting on my nerves. Go all Henry VIII on him and start worshipping the Drowned God or something.

Jaime, Cersei and Gregor Clegane show up at the Small Council meeting, where Olenna Tyrell royally disses Cersei and sort of… yeah.


“You’re not the queen because you’re not married to the king,” — she said to Cersei, acknowledging that things can get confusing in Cersei’s family.

Ahem, nice. Nice.

The trio counters this by simply sitting down and saying the rest of the Council can’t make them leave. Jaime’s being all pragmatic and smart, saying they should discuss important things, such as the shit happening in Dorne, together.

Kevan Lannister, though, says, “You can’t make us stay,” and the Council members leave the room.

What are conniving Cersei, badass warrior Jaime and malleable Tommen going to do about this? Possibly murder?

4. Speaking of death, Arya’s dead and gone, isn’t she?

This is my favorite part of the episode. Arya’s ‘training’ continues and she persistently answers “No one” when asked who she is. She talks about Arya Stark in third-person, learns to deflect hits despite her blindness and FINALLY regains her eyesight…


By drinking from a pool with possibly poisonous water. But as Jaqen says to her:

“If a girl is truly No One, she has nothing to fear.”

So, Arya’s dead and we have “a girl” who is possibly on her way to becoming one of the deadliest assassins in Westeros. Or will Arya follow Jon’s example?

We’ll have to wait and see.

5. Meanwhile…

Daenerys is still captive and awaiting judgement from the Dothraki, Rickon and Osha end up with Ramsay Bolton, and Tyrion, Varys and co. have to find a way to prevent enemy cities from wringing chaos on Mereen.

I guess all the points not present in this episode that I’d mentioned in the beginning are not that far away.

Rating: 10/10



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