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Limitless… or Not?

The amazing YouTube channel Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell has an inexplicable talent of often posting videos that are depressing as hell and then, in the last few seconds, giving the viewer a much-needed flicker of hope.

This video about humans and space is a reminder that although it may sometimes seem like our destiny is unlimited, it actually is.

“We are limited to a hundred billionth of a percent of the observable universe.”

And if that isn’t depressing enough, our good old friend dark energy is going to make sure that future generations (if humanity manages not to destroy itself) in this local galactic group will be so distanced from other galaxies that upon looking up at the sky, they will see no stars, not planets, and no information will arrive from the rest of the universe.



A few years ago aka at the time of my relatively short existence when I was bothered by severe existential crises on a daily basis, this would have terrified me. Now, thinking about stuff like the expansion of the universe, nothingness, death and such… isn’t that terrible because I’ve learnt to appreciate life as it is now. After all, what’s the point of worrying about things we cannot change when there’s beautiful planet Earth, a pretty cool galaxy we’ve yet to explore, shiny stars and their constellations in the sky and a lifetime to enjoy it all?

Seems to be just another reason to smile.



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