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When Will This End?!

Sometimes I feel like I live in a country where people are prone to dying from pessimism deprivation.

Yep. That’s right.

Today I realized that deciding to watch Eurovision and follow the news about the contest for the first time in my life was a grave mistake.


Sergey Lazarev can sing, sure.

He’s got amusing amazing special effects. But the song was… about nothing, I guess. I, personally, wasn’t as impressed by it as I was by Måns Zelmerlöw’s Heroes last year.

Now this has energy. And beauty. And meaning.

So does the song performed by Jamala this year. Sure, yeah, Crimea, politics, blah blah blah, but damn it all to hell it’s dedicated to the deportation of Crimean Tatars in nineteen forty-fucking-four by bloody Stalin! So when the Runet (Russian Internet community), the news, Russian singers, etc. start going on about how THIS IS ALL BECAUSE IT’S GOT POLITICAL SUBTEXT AND BECAUSE OF CRIMEA AND HOW IS UKRAINE GOING TO FUND EUROVISION WHEN THEY’RE SUFFERING A CRISIS THEIR SONG IS SHIT OUR SONG IS THE BEST AND WE DESERVED TO WIN AND THE JURY IS CORRUPT… I just want to facepalm so hard that it’ll hurt my face. So I don’t.

I facepalm mentally.

Jamala’s voice isn’t really my thing and I definitely wanted Australia to win, but since this song is emotional and meaningful (unlike many other songs this year), doesn’t it deserve victory? I think it does. So, my sincere congratulations to Ukraine.

Why can’t the news just take a moment and relax? Who gives a fuck about politics? Why can’t people just concentrate on the fun? the joy? the music? Why do Russians have to seek negativity everywhere? Any loss, be it in sports or the arts, generally evokes defensiveness in our psyche and ultimately, a large part of Russians (thankfully not the majority; unfortunately most of the government and the media) blame the West for all our problems.

And wouldn’t it have been a great Sunday if the Russian community decided to praise Ukraine for the win? A tiiiiny step towards reconciliation is better than fueling enmity. And if other countries are already bemused by Putin’s regime, anti-gay laws and so on, this reaction is making us look even more undignified. Why do we do this to ourselves???

Maybe the it’s because Russians have masochistic tendencies?


Okay, rant finished.

Ahem. Australia rocked.



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2 thoughts on “When Will This End?!

  1. I’ve never watched this show. However, I liked the French contestant, Amir this season and I looked up his performance on Twitter. It was a joy to watch him perform his song.

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