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Déjà vu, Hodor, and Ramsay is a Bastard

Sooooo, most of my May exams are over and I finally got enough time to sit down with a lot of popcorn and chocolate and enjoy Game of Thrones Episode 4 and 5. Enjoy is a very relative term here…

Since I didn’t have the time to review the episodes right after they came out, I’ll just point out the few things in both episode which really impressed/shocked/disappointed me.

A bunch of potentially deadly spoilers dwell below. You have been warned.

1. Mother of… Dragons. Fire. Epic comebacks.

The scene with Daenerys walking out of the building she set on fire unscathed, all epic and nude etc was reminiscent of one particular occurrence…

Seriously. Déjà vu.

It was really great to see Dany shocking everyone with her awesomeness yet again but now, rewatching the scene, I’m leaning more towards thinking that this is just a repeat of what we’ve already seen in season 1.

And anyway, she’s not going to conquer Westeros by walking out fire and expecting people to oooooh and aaaaah and simply bow to her. I can’t imagine Ramsay, for one, being more than just a little bit impressed. Dany needs to work on her ruling skills and diplomacy or letting her sit on the Iron Throne might not be such a wise thing to do.

2. Osha’s unsuccessful seduction

God, this scene was killing me with the suspense. It seemed Ramsay was oblivious to Osha’s allegiance. It seemed quite possible for her to reach the bloody knife and kill the bastard (oops). It seemed so real and so close and so Ramsay chose to stick a blade into Osha’s head and leave her dying. Bastard Bolton style. While calmly going back to peeling his apple.

I will never be able to peel apples normally after this.

Jon & Sansa, please get rid of him for me. I’m waiting. Impatiently.

3. Hold the door…

Episode 5 seemed fine. You know, Jorah finally declaring his love to Dany (even if in a bit of a dangerous predicament), a pretty fun scene in which Euron claims the Salt Throne, more insight into Varys’s past… And then, on minute 40-something, if I’m not mistaken, Bran is marked by the Night King in one of his visions and voilà, chaos ensues.

Hey, dude, mind not killing everyone in sight? Please? Pretty please with ice on top?

My hands were shaking as I watched. Popcorn was forgotten. My keyboard was at the risk of getting destroyed with the way I was using it to relay my panic slight discomfort to my friend.

I really thought everyone would just, you know, die. Game of Thrones style and all. But no. Two managed to survive. Bran and Meera. Yay. Thank God for small favors, huh?


I wanted to cry so much when Hodor’s secret was revealed. Meera, carrying Bran through the snow and shouting to him to hold the door, Hodor, in turn, seeing this as a child and basically this means he knew his whole life he was going to die? Unfair. Mean. Cruel. My vocabulary is edging towards swear words now so I’ll stop.

Stupid, stupid show. Everybody dies, dammit. (said a fan of Shakespeare’s tragedies)

Winter is fully here isn’t? Also considering that the direwolf Summer is dead. *sobs*

So among other things, it was great to see the show’s version of the White Walkers’ history and Arya’s intriguing assignment. Concerning the latter, Emergency Awesome has a good point about the play Arya witnessed maybe being a precursor of future events.

Episode 4: 9/10 (yeah, Dany, I love you, but you should start pulling new tricks out of your sleeve).

Episode 5: 10/10

I hope I’ll get to watch episode 6 as soon as it comes out, but since I have an exam next Wednesday, there might be problems. Then again, it’s an English exam and I guess I can totally study for it by listening to English speech on the TV show? I’m sure that’s justified.





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