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Faerie War

On cloud foundations, castles start appearing,
The sun submerging them in waves of gold.
They are new homes for earthforsaken faeries
Banished from life by grim conformity.

A war was waged on faerie folk by humans,
Their forest homes were burned down to the ground.
Some chose to sign the Treaty of Acceptance,
Which turned them into men; the others died.

But true death took the ones who lost their magic,
Becoming earthly kings, and slaves, and priests.
The ones whom death took up into the heavens
Now live in peace in castles made of light.



Absolutely fantastic procrastinator. Creative, often irrational, hyperactive. Reader, writer, artist, photographer, film-maker, gamer.

6 thoughts on “Faerie War

      1. I more than enjoy them. I love and cherish them. To explore humans as you do in this piece is wonderful. Us humans are baffling and complex creatures, we take what isn’t ours and destroy. You bring light to what needs to be away from the dark.

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      2. More than kind words. They are words of truth, as poetry, we put a piece of our true selves onto each verse. I thank you for gracing us with…….you.

        Liked by 1 person

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