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They Were Never

The clouds were never a sign of something good and innocent as on other planets and in faraway dimensions. Our skies are ever pure, our earth can live without rain. Our fire and water are sacred sources of magic.

Strange demons bring the clouds to us. They fly on metallic monsters which spit strange fire and lightning, wreaking havoc on our lands and turning them into places of desolation. They try to talk to us in a language called English. We understand them, but since they don’t understand us, they keep attacking. They want our land and our magic. We can’t give it to them; it’s forbidden by the gods.

The gods can’t help us, though. Such interference is forbidden by the universe.

We decided to leave our home and seek for another planet to inhabit.

The demons were never peaceful, and they could only create chaos. So the magic we left on the planet turned against them and ultimately drove them away.

They were never wise and probably never would be.

Written in response to today’s Daily Post prompt — clouds.

Another not-at-all-dark and very-much-positive piece inspired by a simple world. I have absolutely no idea how my mind works.

I’m actually not quite sure who the attacked people are. Maybe my favorite fairies. Maybe intelligent magical animals, or simply mages.

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The Island of the Fairies – #writephoto

The island of the fairies never sleeps.
The fairy folk are full of love and light,
yet buried in the murky ocean depths
are fallen angels full of hate and spite.

The magic of the fairies never sleeps;
the fairy folk invoke its power when
the darkness rises with intent to kill
and wreak destruction on the world of men.

The valor of the fairies never sleeps.
They fight against the forces of the night
so humankind will never have to see
the demons spreading misery and blight.

The island of the fairies never sleeps.
The fairy folk are full of love and light,
protecting pure existence from a war
with anger, horror, suffering and fright.

A poem inspired by Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. I don’t know why I associated island with fairies but it happened.

Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments!



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The Light Is Gone

The light is gone,
the night destroyed the light of day.
the light is gone,
demonic troops have won the war.
There’s nothing else for us to say —
we beg our foes to lead the way…
the light is gone.

Another rondelet, but this time, it uses the words offered in Jane Dougherty’s previous poetry challenge — the light is gone. 

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We Travel Far

We travel far

to flee this dark and barren land,

We travel far

to otherworldly seas and skies.

A crimson boat, a spirit friend —

we’ll see this journey to the end.

We travel far…

This was actually an earlier attempt for Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge, but it took a really long time to make this work. I think this fits the image a bit better=)

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Odd Dimension

Upside down, trapped in an odd dimension,
unable to see straight in this sea of confusion.
To be honest and real is your only intention,
but trying that here? Push away this delusion.

Inside out, the constellations of reality
intertwine  to weave chaos from order.
So don’t stand up lest the sky befriends gravity
and crashes down on your fragile shoulders.

Written for this Photo Challenge. I’m being all outlandish again. I should return to reality or something.

Feel free to comment and join in the challenge!

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The Ocean Winds

The ocean winds

are dancing with the water’s hue.

The ocean winds

reveal dimensions far beyond

what we consider real and true.

Our risky journey leads us through

the ocean winds.

A rondelet written in response to  Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge. This might be a bit too outlandish to fit the image prompt. I couldn’t help myself=D

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This is similar in structure to another poem I’d written before, The Fault In Our Stars. Although the plots are very different.

I’m drowning. Help me, set me free —

I’m burning in the sunlight,

a poisoned sea has captured me.

forsaken by the moonlight.

I used to love the water‘s taste,

I had the sun’s protection,

I marveled at the ocean’s grace,

its light showed me direction,

and now, as death embraces me, I face a shameful end;

my killer is the entity I deemed to be my friend.

The poem technically includes water and fire but in my mind, the two are basically inseparable.

Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments!

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Empty Existence

Deprived of love,
devoid of hate.
An empty soul,
a cursed fate.

Surrounded by
a thousand suns,
yet still he feels
like deadly guns
are pointing at
his spirit’s light.
He has no way
to conquer fright.

Deprived of hope,
devoid of faith,
he’s but a ghost—
a mindless wraith.

Written in response to two Daily Post Prompts — deprive and empty.

Feel free to tell me what you think!

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The Light Is Gone, the Sky Is Lost

The light is gone. I stop and stare
at darkness looming overhead.
The sky is lost forevermore.

I can’t recall what was before—
a world where sunshine conquered dread?
a universe consumed by fear?

The sky is lost. I can despair,
but I accept my fate instead
and look for voids I can explore.

What does the future hold in store?
Am I alive or am I dead?
The light is gone—the night is here.

I plunge to darkness like a drowning leaf.
Will this new world bring sorrow or relief?

Written in response to Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge. A trilonnet was surprisingly easy to write, and the theme was, as always, intriguing.

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Beneath the Flames

Photo Credit: Jimmy Fell

According to legend, when smoke came out of the woods, it was the pagans performing sacrifices, burning beasts and men alike. The prince was skeptical about it and one day, he decided to check.

Venturing into the woods at night, he went into the general direction of the smoke. He came upon a clearing, in the middle of which a wooden figure of an angel was burning. The pagans kneeled around it, their heads touching the ground. They were silent and unmoving.

Something caught the prince’s eye; the angel seemed to be looking right at him. For a second, he thought he saw a tear falling from one of its eyes as it gradually turned into a pile of ash—

One of the wild men yanked the prince towards the clearing. They pointed daggers and bows at him, shouting that it was a crime punishable by death to interrupt their rites.

He smiled.

They seemed to have noticed something was wrong. Looking into his eyes, the pagans recoiled, covering their faces, screaming and running away.

The prince, confused, went back to the castle.

The demon never left his side.

My first attempt at Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge. 

This does sort of fit retribution, doesn’t it? At least I hope so.

All comments (including criticism) are welcome!