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Day III of the 3 Day Quote Challenge

Today I thought I’d share the wisdom of Angelus Silesius aka Johann Scheffler, a very intriguing religious poet. I first saw a few excerpts from his poems back in the eighth grade and they seemed very far-fetched and weird to me… but I was at the same time awe-struck by their beauty. They might imply very unorthodox views on Christianity in general, but upon reflection, they turn out to be much deeper than they seem.

Do not seek God in outer space — Your heart is the only place in which to meet Him face to face.

Whether in a religious context or not, we tend to seek wonder in the skies, in the universe, so to say, in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes, what we need is much closer — in our hearts and souls. We just have to be able to see it.

And speaking of sight:

Two eyes our souls possess: while one is turned on time,
The other seeth things eternal and sublime.

We perceive time as one of four dimensions. But the universe is enormous, its lifespan often unimaginable and only in a certain state of mind do we manage to grasp a thing so subtle and complex as eternity. I think Angelus Silesius captured this idea of dual perception quite nicely.

Who would expect it so? From darkness light is brought,
Life rises out of Death, and Something comes from Naught.

This “something comes from naught” phrase reminds me of the Big Bang. A universe created or simply formed form virtually… nothing. “Life rises out of death”, “from darkness light is brought” — these bring a whole new perspective on this quote, in my opinion. Light wouldn’t be light and wouldn’t mean as much were there no darkness. Life, or rather, existence, would be nothing without death, the presence of which motivates us to achieve all that we can in this lifetime.

You may be bemused or you may find these quotes as curious as I did. In the case of the latter, you might want to read more on this wonderful poet; his works are profound and his biography is inspiring.

Well, the challenge is over, and I had a great time participating in it=)

Yet again, I’d like to thank the awesome Isaac Gathings for the nomination and today, I nominate:

  1. Sudersan
  2. Louise (Storyteller’s Abode)

The rules are very simple:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you.
  2. Post 1-3 quotes each day for 3 consecutive days.
  3. Nominate 3 bloggers each day to participate in the 3-day Quote Challenge.

If you accept, don’t forget to share your posts with me. It would be a plasure to see them=)




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