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Fantasy Sonnet 1: A Mage’s Fate

My words cannot express my woeful state,
My screams cannot communicate my pain,
Nor can I pray for peace, for it’s too late
To think about escaping your disdain.

Your eyes look down upon me with contempt,
You’ve sentenced me to torture and disgrace,
You claim I have malevolent intent
To poison and destroy the human race.

But never have I once committed crimes
Which undermine the morals of your world.
A mage, I live in xenophobic times;
My soul is free while yours are chained in cold.

Though there’s no solace in this world of hate,
In my next life, I see a better fate.

I’ve been meaning to write a sonnet for a long time but whenever I tried, it seemed pretty difficult for some reason. Writing in this form about fantasy seems easy enough though, and I hope to improve my sonnet writing skills by composing 154 of them… Will my patience last long enough? Shakespeare only knows=)

Thank you for reading and feel free to comment!



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9 thoughts on “Fantasy Sonnet 1: A Mage’s Fate

  1. Hi Louise, writing sonnets is always a challenge. getting the iambic pentameter right can drive you crazy but its good you found a topic that allows you to play with this form…..good luck with it all I can never understand how Shakespeare managed to write so many of the things…..

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