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A Twisted Game

He plays a twisted, convoluted game which I hate and love at the same time. I am in love with it because the game will ultimately grant me supreme power. I despise it because it brings suffering.

With my master, I venture into the Nameless Dimension, the one which harbors the source of all magical power. It gives ferocity to dragonfire, it enables fairies to roam our dreams, it allows mermaids to communicate with underwater gods… and it gifts the most awe-inspiring ability to human mages — the ability to control light and darkness.

Once we enter the Dimension, my master (a very experienced mage himself) becomes a barely visible shadow. Smiling playfully, he strikes at me from the void, piercing my soul with spirit-blades, assaulting my mind with forces so powerful they hurt more than the screaming of a banshee.

Home. Dreamless sleep. Dawn. My master is at my doorstep. His confident posture, burning eyes and the powerful aura radiating from him motivate me to keep going, otherwise I’ll never get past performing simple tricks like lighting fires and breathing underwater.

One day, I’ll learn to evade his attacks. One day, I will win. Then, I’ll be able to play a completely different game with newfound magical abilities.

Another short story written for the Daily Post promptplayful

Thank you for reading! Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments=)

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