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Let Me Burn

Don’t start rebuilding my heart after
you left it in shambles. Why do you care
about correcting your mistakes? Laughter
escapes you when I stop and stare
at you, the man who made me lose
faith in the sky. The man who promised
he would free me from chains, let me choose
the path I most wanted to follow.
You swore to this princess,
who hated the court, that you would show
her the universe and all of its wonders.
Now you’ve broken me and I have no place to go;
I’m lost in this convoluted game of lies.
It’s a sickening surprise when you return
and there’s false remorse in your laughing eyes.
Go away. Let me be — let me burn…

Written in response to today’s Daily Post prompt — rebuild.

What do you think? I’d love to see your thoughts in the comments=)

Thank you for reading!



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