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I’m Far Away From Home

Struggling to see through the darkness which surrounds
me, I scream for help. Nothing — no one — alone.
I’m stuck in a world devoid of color and sound,
tormented by demons — I’m far away from home.

I’m far away from home, and I struggle to return.
Getting close — elation — just there, past the hills —
I find my village demolished and burned.
The ground is in mourning. The air is so still…

In response to today’s Daily Post prompt — struggle.

The exams are driving me crazy. I catch myself wishing I could write a poem or two (or three, or ten) while I’m sifting through mountains of notes and textbooks. *sigh* Three more exams to go.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Far Away From Home

  1. So write them then! Take some breaks, and jot down some lines. Doing something other than your studies is exercise for your brain. It’s like getting up off the chair or couch or wherever and talking a quick walk. It will refresh you to get back to and focus on your exams.
    PS … good luck with them!

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