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You’re a Natural

You’re a natural at magic and sorcery;
the talent finds you easily and shows
you the way. It’s beautiful, orderly,
omnipotent. Then again, who knows?

Who knows what your innocent power
brings to your spirit and mind? Peace —
or will destructive chaos devour
your very existence, seeking release?

With power, there’s no escaping
the demons that dwell in the void.
They won’t rest until they take your
soul or are themselves destroyed.

Oh my God, another exam completed. Yaaay. I’m going to find out the results on Monday; until then I’ll be busy with preparation… oh, wait, procrastination instead of studying for the remaining exams=D Which means I’ll be posting more poetry. And doing the challenges. And, you know, living and enjoying myself.

This poem was written in response to yesterday’s Daily Post prompt natural.

What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!



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