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Magical Days

My love for summer stems from my love for magic.

Summer was always sweltering in my home village, but this discomfort would become unnoticeable once I’d enter the small woods not far from my house. A group of druids came there every summer. Persecuted by the government, they couldn’t venture into the villages and cities and were used to hiding from curious wanderers like me.

I intrigued them, though. I was one of the very few citizens of the Empire who had magical abilities.

“Seems the Emperor hasn’t destroyed all of you yet,” a tall boy said to me, having agreed to lead me to the elder druids.

I begged them to teach me to control my powers. They agreed.


One summer I didn’t return to my house from my visit to the forest. I left a note to my parents.

The elders were furious.

“It’d be best for you to stay at home. To get an education and use magic only as a necessity. Why come with us? It’s an aimless and dangerous journey.”

I was adamant.

The summer after next we stopped coming to the haven in my homeland. I didn’t miss it; the future held countless possibilities.

Economics aced=D Yes! Finally! This sparked my inspiration for another magical story in response to both yesterday’s and today’s Daily Post prompts — aimless; summer

Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments!



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