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Ocean Lullaby

Sing me a sweet lullaby
on the ocean shore…
Flame and water, earth and sky
dance forevermore

on the ocean shore.
Here the pebbles, smooth and bright,
dance forevermore,
basking in the golden light.

Here the pebbles, smooth and bright,
bathing in the sea,
basking in the golden light,
make a path for me.

Bathing in the sea,
I set out to search for love.
Make a path for me,
lead me to the stars above.

I set out to search for love…
Flame and water, earth and sky —
lead me to the skies above,
sing me a sweet lullaby!

The pantoum is such a difficult form… but it did turn out to be yet another really fun challenge from Jane Dougherty.

It’s a bit clumsy, I guess, and I’m far from totally satisfied with it, but this seems to be the only presentable attempt at a pantoum from me at this point=D I’ll have to write a few more to get comfortable with it.

Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments!



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