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200+ Amazing People, Thank You!

I didn’t expect to reach 200 followers in such a short time, considering I’d started this blog at the end of April (which seems so far away now). I didn’t expect many people to notice my writing, much less comment on it but… the amazing community I’ve found here on WordPress has been very helpful in terms of both praise and criticism, and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Since my blog has been a great variety lately, in the summer I’m planning to make it a little bit less chaotic and more consistent. Considering how great I am with plans, we’ll see which disaster that’ll lead to=D

For now, a big thank you to everyone who clicked the “Like” button, commented on my posts and followed my blog. I can’t express how much this means to a new blogger. I’m very glad to have found myself here, and I look forward to the new discoveries I’m sure I’ll find on this site. All thanks to the wonderful bloggers in this community.

T H A N K  Y O U  ! ! !



Absolutely fantastic procrastinator. Creative, often irrational, hyperactive. Reader, writer, artist, photographer, film-maker, gamer.

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