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The Collapse of Stars

The collapse of stars—an awe-inspiring wonder—
Tears the foundation of space-time asunder.

Never before had we seen such a sight:
Darkness evolves into sparkling light,

Cosmos breaks down as eternity shifts,
Wormholes erupt into harrowing rifts.

Moving through chaos we sing and we dance,
Seeing the end of the world in advance.

Luckily stars will protect you and I;
We have no fear because we cannot die.

We have been freed of all natural laws,
Small imperfections and obvious flaws.

Time has elapsed and we finally part;
You seek the Truth, I dissolve into Art.

Fate is now clear, there is no going back.
We will discover the knowledge we lack.

The collapse of stars—the gods’ final endeavor—
Gave us the dazzling gift of forever.

Written for the Secret Keeper’s Weekly Writing Prompt. The words:


Of course I’d return to writing about space and eternity. It’s awesome!

Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments!

Photo Credit: Infrared Pleiades via photopin (license)



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