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Paradise Lost: Life for Life

Below is another one of Satan’s musings. He plans to corrupt the new race God has created (us, humans) so God may, “with repenting hand abolish his own works.”

paradise lost 9.jpg

This does turn out well for him at first. And yet, as Milton so beautifully describes (after God foresees that Satan will succeed in corrupting Adam and Eve):

paradise lost 17.jpg

The Son of God volunteers to die for mankind’s salvation, and these verses are beautiful to read. Free of the emotional turmoil that we see in the undoubtedly enticing lines from Satan, Book Three, mostly set in Heaven, has a gentle serenity to it. This is a favorite of mine–the Son of God says:

paradise lost 18.jpg

A heart-rending sacrifice, which leads to another beautiful conclusion:

paradise lost 19.jpg

Don’t all of our problems here on planet Earth ultimately come from the lack of love? I hope I don’t sound moralizing but really, many crimes, many arguments, many estrangements could easily be prevented by this feeling of love, the readiness to sacrifice your own comfort for another person, even an enemy.

Anyway, returning to Milton, this act earns the Son of God the praise of the angels, and I’d like to share another verse, just because it’s awesome:

paradise lost 20.jpg



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