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Chaotic Nightmares

how did you walk
into my lonely home?
I weaved this world from thousands of


Golden angel,
cleanse my dream with your light.
You won’t leave me in the darkness,
will you?


The night
revolves around
our chaos-ridden souls.
Can we unmake the demon’s spell?
We try…

File:Le somnambule” ("Лунатик") Марка Шагала 1.jpg

Written for Jane Dougherty’s Poetry Challenge.

I hate cinquains.

Don’t get me wrong–not because I don’t like the form. I just had an unpleasant experience at school when we had to write a cinquain about a crappy theme and now the word reminds me of the awful day. Ahem.

But I did have fun interpreting the picture Jane gave us this week. With the second poem, I tried to write something positive. I really did. But uncertainty is better, yeah?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!



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10 thoughts on “Chaotic Nightmares

  1. I read in the shadow poetry entry about the cinquain, that it has been used to bash home grammar points and other unpoetic themes. What a shame. I’m glad you overcame your revulsion 🙂 My favourite is the first one. I love the last phrase.

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    1. Yeah, I don’t think poetry should be used in such a way. I’m glad it didn’t make me give up on cinquains for good=D
      The first one is actually the last one I wrote but I put it first because I prefer it, too. Thank you for your comment!

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