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The Gift – #writephoto

The wizard used the most powerful spells to make the dilapidated building inconspicuous. He hid the gem which would eventually grant him immortality in a hole in the stone wall, staring at it awhile before leaving.

It was still dim.

When you’re ready, he thought, hoping that him stealing the gem from the gods hadn’t rendered it useless.


The soldier wandered off the mess of blood, gunpowder and entrails to which the battlefield had been reduced, trying to find a more pleasant-smelling place to die. Wounded, depressed, devoid of hope, he scarcely had anything to live for now. The war had taken everything, and it would continue depriving the living of their joys. The underworld seemed like vacation.

He collapsed in the nook of some run-down castle. He let sleep overtake him, welcoming the light at the end of the tunnel, which was, for some reason, red…


He awoke in the morning feeling better than he had in years. He looked around, his limbs swift, his mind alert. Red light was coming from an opening in the wall. Retrieving the source—a glowing ruby—did little to clear his confusion.

I’m supposed to be dead, he thought, his mind racing.

He spun around as he heard a whisper right behind him. No one was there, but he could swear he heard,

It seems the gods have other plans for you.

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday Photo Prompt. Not sure if it fits the image well but that’s what came to me after seeing the photo=D

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