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No Time To Run

The nightmare overwhelms us–
it’s silencing our voice.
A gunshot,
an explosion…
no time to run–no choice.

The never-ending motion
of war,
and pain,
and death…
Why not unite in kindness
and cherish life

84 killed yesterday in Nice, France.

The recent attacks in Falcon Heights, Dallas and Baton Rouge.

Many more are being killed around the world every. single. day.

Isn’t it a nightmare?



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10 thoughts on “No Time To Run

  1. We just had the murder of a 5 year old and her mother in my city this week. It’s heart breaking. The nightmares exist at every level, I’m so tired of feeling like “scared” should be the new normal.

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    1. I don’t get why people do this but what shocks me the most is how. How a human being can murder another man, woman, child, elderly… It is heartbreaking and terror has, indeed, become the new normal. And it’s unclear whether things will get better. If at all.

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