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Defeat the Darkness

Drive away all thoughts of failure. You’re here to win.

“What if I don’t?” Alan was uncertain as he approached the arena.

Your opponent will kill you. You want that? Didn’t think so. You have to kill him first.

“I’ve never killed anyone before.”

This isn’t about killing, kid—

“I know! But I… I feel wrong about coming to this contest. I don’t want to hurt people.”

For a time, the demon’s voice was silent. Then—

Do it, because you can.

The duel began, and Alan wielded all of the magical powers he’d been gifted with, wearing out and wounding his opponent, much to the demon’s pleasure. Alan’s guardian angel screamed at him, barely able to break the demon’s barrier.

He’s not another angel, Alan!

The echo reached Alan’s mind as he was about to smash a deadly lightning bolt into his opponent.

Do it, one voice said.

Don’t, the other begged.

Having made his choice, Alan changed the direction of his spell, sending the demon back to where it came from. He ran, horrified that he could have become such easy prey.

Drive away all thoughts of failure, the angel whispered. You can defeat the darkness.

Today’s Daily Post prompt is drive. This is what came to my mind.

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