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Trump’s Genius or Dangerous Unpredictability?

I didn’t get acquainted with the election process until this fall, after Donald Trump had already announced he was running for president and, contrary to popular opinion, was actually succeeding. It was more or less probable by then that Hillary and Donald would become their respective party’s nominees, and for my own reasons, since I’m not an American citizen and Hillary would be a nightmare for Russia, I reluctantly supported him.

Reluctantly because to me, like to many others, he seemed like a total whackjob.

Recently, seeing how far the guy has come (come on, he had 17 opponents and now they’ve all dropped out?), I asked myself the question:

Is Donald Trump as stupid as he looks?

I seriously Googled this. And I came up on very interesting facts.

Scott Adams pegged Trump as a “master persuader” in the very beginning of his campaign, pointing out some of his “linguistic kill shots,” as well as the fact that, though many of his ideas seem absurd and he himself seems dangerously unpredictable, after years of international business, no one has ever said about him: “That time Trump went insane/signed that crazy deal/built a wall… we lost/we suffered/whatever…”

The Dilbert creator raises many good points in this video…

and summary of which (as well as more examples of Trump’s persuasion skills) you can find in Charlie Houpert’s videos here:

So, I’m more open-minded about Trump now, and I much less reluctantly hope he will be President (otherwise, Hillary, ignore Russia, please, please, please)–but what about you? Despite the fact that Trump is, obviously, not a total whackjob, many of his plans are… questionable. To say the very least. Like his position on gun control.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!



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11 thoughts on “Trump’s Genius or Dangerous Unpredictability?

  1. I’m really really not a fan of Hilary Clinton and I feel like her supporters only seem to like her because she’s a woman, and not because of her policies, which, frankly, is not good enough. I’m open-minded about Trump- which apparently makes me in the minority- but I do find some of the things he said both laughably bad and a bit questionable. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your outlook) I’m a Brit and only have to be a random bystander in all this.

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    1. I, too, am highly skeptical of several of his ideas, but as Scott Adams pointed out, he may start acting much more presidential towards the end of the race and/if/when he becomes President. So we’ll have to wait and see. About Hillary Clinton, I agree with you. Bernie’s much better policy-wise.
      And it is fortunate to be a random bystander. It would drive me insane to be an American right now because I wouldn’t really know where to stand.

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      1. Yeah exactly- I’m very sceptical too, but am trying not to be as reactionary as some people. Yeah- definitely- his policies made a lot more sense to me and I’ve never been a fan of hers :/
        Ah definitely- I’m so glad I don’t have to vote in those elections!

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  2. I’m in the never Trump camp. As a woman among other things, I simply can’t support his misogyny and bigotry. I think he would be terrible for our country. Plus there’s not much, if anything, in the Republican Party platform that I can support. I was a Bernie Sanders supporter and will now reluctantly vote for Hillary. Just my input as one American voter. 🙂

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    1. I get where you stand. If I were an American citizen, I’d be much more hesitant about Trump. And I agree, Bernie Sanders was way better than Hillary, but things don’t always work out well, it seems. I hope the USA makes the right choice.

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