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Across the River – #writephoto

There was a path of stone crossing the Great River and disappearing in a thick mist. The boy was told to never set foot on it but this day, he couldn’t resist.

The water raging on either side, he slowly made his way through, keeping his balance. He figured it wouldn’t do him much harm if he fell into the River though. His elders had told him he was immortal, after all.

He got to the end of the path and saw a new world. Or was it always there? The mist disappeared, revealing a clearing where the grass was much brighter than in the boy’s homeland. The forests afar seemed to be alive, not pale and shadowy. The sky was azure, not dark. He heard the elders calling his name from the Spiritworld and wondered what would happen if ventured into this universe. He was taught that the outsiders were dangerous, that they despised the spirit folk. But what if he managed to find somebody kind and accepting?

Filled with hope and the desire for adventure, the spirit took the final step into the human world.

Written for Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt.

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