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Paradise Lost: No Thought of Flight

Before (finally lol) the review, here are some highlights from the battle between Lucifer’s rebellious crew and the faithful angels.

So Raphael begins his tale to Adam:

paradise lost 26

Talking about Lucifer, obviously. I like this as it shows how much damage sheer envy can do, even if you’re in a pretty good position. You start to feel jealous of something petty and insignificant, and sometimes, no money, power, success or high school popularity you have, this may become a problem. Which is why jealousy should be avoided like the plague.

paradise lost 27

So Lucifer speaks to his (still angel, I guess?) army. Even if the angels weren’t all equal, they were all equally free, he says. Even if all men on Earth can’t be equal (some are born with disabilities and some are Mozarts, we can’t do anything about that) they can, in theory, be equally free. Or are we already equally free, in choosing what we do with our lives for example? Yet some governmental regimes preclude certain freedoms. What is freedom anyway?

Rant ended. But those are something to think about, I guess.

paradise lost 28

Abdiel was the only angel who stood up against Satan and said yeah, you’re doing something wrong. Of course, his speech was bigger than that one line (and more poetic) and he was a bit harsher than “you’re wrong” but the important thing is — he did it.

He didn’t succumb to the overwhelming majority of angels who were readying to fight against God, even though, I’m sure, he was tempted to. Translating this to our lives, how many times do we face similar peer pressure, so to speak? And how many are afraid to be themselves because of the majority simply isn’t like them?

paradise lost 30

The last is directly from the battle, a description of the faithful angels. Just beautiful words that I felt like sharing with the world.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments!



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