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Review: The Cursed Child (Spoiler-free)

Back when it was announced that there would be a Harry Potter play, a sort of eighth instalment in the HP series, I didn’t care much about it. I literally started looking forward to it only in the beginning of this summer, and even then, I was skeptical. Though Rowling was one of the writers, I feared a new story would ruin the previous books. And let me make it clear, the first few pages reinforced this idea in my head.

I kept reading, though, and soon, I was drawn into a mess of a plot, with all its flaws, out-of-character behavior and moderately predictable villain (though it took me a while to see this particular twist) and I…


Reviewers are divided, it seems, some claiming it reads like a fanfiction and others pointing out the amazing emotional parts of the play and the great characterization of the two main characters: Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy.

I’m leaning more towards the second camp; I laughed and cried on the journey with the brand new characters, and did the same as we met the (unfortunately deceased) characters we know and love. It involves several impossible (according to Einstein and common sense) scenarios with alternate realities, but I was able to ignore these inconsistencies because, as I’d mentioned, there was great characterization (the lovable duo Albus the Reckless and Scorpius the Dreadless). I also particularly enjoyed the Relative (’cause I’m heavy on Einstein today) Redemption of Slytherin (and Draco), Harry Potter’s Great Fear of sort of spoiler, sort of funny (I can’t even), Ron Weasley the Most Chilled and McGonnagal the Badass Troublemaker-Sponsor. Oh, and Fathers and Sons. That’s a great theme, one that I didn’t expect to be explored in such a way, but it was done nicely, in my opinion.

Spoiler-free is so hard, I hope I’m not doing it wrong.

I’ll give the play a proper rating in the spoilery review, but it’s definitely a firm 8.5–9 out of 10, and I have no regrets.

This is it for the quick spoiler-free review. I couldn’t hold it in.

Anyway, have you read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? If not, would you like to? If yes, did you love it/hate it? What were the enjoyable parts for you and what did you dislike about it?

I’d love to discuss this so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!



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