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Mark of Moonlight

Three Moons shine, unbothered by the dark,
Dancing with the shadows in the sky;
They surround your godforsaken Earth.

As you face the Universe’s wrath,
Let the moonlight leave its fateful mark
On your soul—do not expect rebirth.

Try to flee—your precious world will die.
Still, you’ve chosen the forbidden path
Of the Sun, your eyes ablaze with mirth…

Photo by MKcray

Sort of a myth featuring divine thingies, as (almost) always.

The trilune is an intriguing form created by Jane Dougherty. The rules: three stanzas with three lines of 9 syllables each, with the rhyme on the third line of each stanza (so, abc dec fgc). I hope it’s OK I tweaked the rules (just a liiitle bit) and made the rhyme scheme like this: abc dac bdc.

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