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Wicked Storm

The wicked storm
Disrupts the kingdom of the dead.
This wicked storm
Destroys all space, and shape, and form.
It veils the sun in cloudy dread;
Its lightning black, its raindrops red–
This wicked storm…

photo ©Fir0002

Ah, finally. Internet fixed. Back to WordPress and my favorite challenges=D

This rondelet was written for Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge, and it turned out sort of weird and not at all theme-compliant but I’m all into death and destruction and rage in my poetry after the terrible ordeals I had with the lack of Internet and general annoyance with the universe being tricky.


Feel free to ignore my mini-rant and share your thoughts on the poem in the comments!



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15 thoughts on “Wicked Storm

  1. Wow–that’s some storm! I’m picturing zombies crawling out and all sorts of terrible things happening.
    I’m glad you have your Internet back. It’s awful not to have it. (Though I did chuckle a bit at your rant.) 🙂

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    1. Glad it’s just a chuckle; some of my friends were outright cackling at my no-Internet-induced pain=D
      I honestly tried to go for the proper, sometimes pleasant summer storm but of course, my apocalypse style had to surface again=) Thank you for commenting!

      Liked by 1 person

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