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Desperate Times

My dreams are incomplete
In this acute depression,
The burning blows of hate
Strike me in quick succession.

My joys are hidden far;
I do not see salvation.
My spirit and my mind
Are lacking inspiration.

My life is circumscribed
By chains of ostentation.
The image of my soul
Is blinded by elation,
Which in itself is false —
A demon’s smart disguise.
The shadows fly around,
Obscuring paradise
And urging me to leave
All that I love and cherish.
I hope the sunrise makes
These ghastly shadows perish.

I hope a rain of stars
Burns down their hellish lair.
I hope the moon returns,
And with its healing flare,
I’ll find another path
That leads out of depression
To those who’ll listen to
My desperate confession…

But when will that day come,
When will my dreams recover?
Or is there nothing more
For my soul to discover?

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Remember, Remember, the 9th of November

Yaaay, I finally got back to WordPress. I missed my blog. A whirlwind of work for university clubs and societies, as well as my detrimental tendency to procrastinate haven’t been helpful. But after a month of scarcely writing any stories or poems I feel more than a little depressed; I’m committed to making more time for it now.

But… the central event today is, of course, not the life of a lazy teenager, it is the fact that



(yes, Donald J. Trump)

was elected President of the United States. 

Now I’ve made my position clear a long time ago. I, like many, thought at first that his campaign was a joke and the guy was something along the lines of a psycho but these analyses of Trump’s tactics and strategy made me rethink my initial impression of him. Also, because I’m far from a Clinton supporter and I happen to live in the middle of perpetual crisis (aka Russia) I really, truly wanted him to win.

Despite his radical remarks and actions, he isn’t foolish, he isn’t a psycho and though I’m sure he won’t be a great President, he won’t be a terrible one either.

However, on the 7-8 of November, I woke up, went to class and reminisced on the current affairs in the world with this thought firmly embedded in my mind: Hillary Clinton is definitely going to win. Because of the polls. Because it’s predictable. Because it’s Clinton.

So as my friends and I updated the electorial map and saw Trump leading significantly, I was in a bit of a shock.

Really? His victory is possible?

Florida was a surprise, but what caught me by surprise and convinced me of this…

Image source: Lentach

…was his victory in Pennsylvania. And then this happened.

What can I say?

I am disappointed because I happen to live in a country with an incompetent government where every election is predictably Putin.

I am sincerely happy for Trump though I understand why so many Americans are upset.

I am amazed by this spectacularly bizarre election and the fact that we’re facing this “period of uncertainty”, as Hollande put it, which for me is a weirdly pleasing mixture of fear and excitement.

But come on. Which one of you thought the history of the XXI century was going to go smoothly?

As always, feel free to comment, even if (read: especially) if you disagree. I’ve really missed this community!