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Remember, Remember, the 9th of November

Yaaay, I finally got back to WordPress. I missed my blog. A whirlwind of work for university clubs and societies, as well as my detrimental tendency to procrastinate haven’t been helpful. But after a month of scarcely writing any stories or poems I feel more than a little depressed; I’m committed to making more time for it now.

But… the central event today is, of course, not the life of a lazy teenager, it is the fact that



(yes, Donald J. Trump)

was elected President of the United States. 

Now I’ve made my position clear a long time ago. I, like many, thought at first that his campaign was a joke and the guy was something along the lines of a psycho but these analyses of Trump’s tactics and strategy made me rethink my initial impression of him. Also, because I’m far from a Clinton supporter and I happen to live in the middle of perpetual crisis (aka Russia) I really, truly wanted him to win.

Despite his radical remarks and actions, he isn’t foolish, he isn’t a psycho and though I’m sure he won’t be a great President, he won’t be a terrible one either.

However, on the 7-8 of November, I woke up, went to class and reminisced on the current affairs in the world with this thought firmly embedded in my mind: Hillary Clinton is definitely going to win. Because of the polls. Because it’s predictable. Because it’s Clinton.

So as my friends and I updated the electorial map and saw Trump leading significantly, I was in a bit of a shock.

Really? His victory is possible?

Florida was a surprise, but what caught me by surprise and convinced me of this…

Image source: Lentach

…was his victory in Pennsylvania. And then this happened.

What can I say?

I am disappointed because I happen to live in a country with an incompetent government where every election is predictably Putin.

I am sincerely happy for Trump though I understand why so many Americans are upset.

I am amazed by this spectacularly bizarre election and the fact that we’re facing this “period of uncertainty”, as Hollande put it, which for me is a weirdly pleasing mixture of fear and excitement.

But come on. Which one of you thought the history of the XXI century was going to go smoothly?

As always, feel free to comment, even if (read: especially) if you disagree. I’ve really missed this community!



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13 thoughts on “Remember, Remember, the 9th of November

  1. I live in Michigan, which has voted solidly Democratic since 1988. It was supposed to be safely for Hillary. However, soon after the polls closed I checked the CNN website and found that working class areas (usually Democrat) were going for Trump. As were the rural areas, which was predictable, but the margins for Trump were very high. At that point, I thought we have another Brexit vote–one the pollsters again missed.


    1. I can’t adequately describe my surprise that some of the traditionally Democratic states turned Republican this election. It did remind me a bit of Brexit too… then again, like with the Brexit vote, I’m a bit of an outside observer trying, and failing, to be impartial.

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      1. There was a revolt of those among the working class of the Rust Belt states, whose pent up rage at being shunted aside by globalization and sneered at by the elites, found its expression in the Trump campaign..

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  2. I think Trump, despite his many wild comments, won both the primaries and the election because people were tired of experienced politicians who weren’t making the country any better. Also, he was more charismatic than Clinton, which made people more likely to vote for him. That’s the same reason Obama trumped (lol so funny, so original) Romney back in 2012 despite a downfall in the country during his first 4 years, he’s just more likeable and charismatic than Romney.

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  3. Nice to see you back 🙂 I’m fascinated to know why you think that someone who denies global warming, intends to ‘tear up’ every international agreement made over the last years, despises women, rejects anyone not as blond as he is, and loves his country so much he has never thought it necessary to pay his taxes, can be an okay leader of anything, never mind the most powerful country in the world.

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    1. ​Good to be back=)
      I’d write up a more detailed summary of my arguments but it would take way too much time:D
      Good or bad President – we’ll see. My main point is that he won’t be as terrible as people make him out to be. I just truly don’t get the panic. I get upset and devastated, but I’m convinced Trump is not the monster Clinton’s campaign made him out to be.
      Backing out of climate change action is going to be difficult for him because as I understand it, he’s President in a country with checks and balances, not an absolute monarch, right? There’s Congress and stuff. Tearing up political agreements is going to be difficult for the same reason. Economic agreements? I think those are safe in the hands of a man who’s been in business for decades, and in my knowledge, hasn’t done anything catastrophic which cost him and his partners a lot money. Many of his radical and offensive claims were a way to grab attention and, in my very humble opinion, despising half of the population is going to be impossible for the President-elect, and I reiterate, Trump isn’t stupid, so whatever he thinks about women won’t influence his actual plan.
      He wants to make an impact, why not keep an open mind and let him? He’ll be an okay leader because he knows how to lead, persuade and act under pressure. Of course, the changes he’ll make will be drastic and many people won’t agree. Like in every other country in this democratic society we’ve built=D


      1. I’m sure you’re right that he won’t be able to do everything he said he would no president ever can, but if he gets a friendly congress, and he will bar a miracle, the checks and balances are going to look pretty flimsy. I haven’t been following th campaign, it has seemed so frighteningly immature and unpolitical from the outside, but I have read that Trump’s business acumen is dodgy, not to say shady, and not successful. His wealth is inherited not earned, he has no experience of elected office, and his propos are ugly and hate-ridden, appealing to the lowest common denominator. I hope you’re right that he won’t be able to do all the unpleasant, retrograde things he’s promised, but II don’t share your optimistic theory that he didn’t really mean what he said.


      2. “It has seemed so frighteningly immature and unpolitical from the outside” – the campaign was a great big show, in no small measure thanks to Trump. I thought the same about the campaign when Trump announced he was running and started leading in the polls, but a closer study of his tactics showed that he’s far from immature, just experienced in persuasion.
        About his businesses, I haven’t had the time to study them closely and you’re perfectly right about them being shady. Despite that, he knows how to manage money and is experienced in various spheres of business. He is a master negotiator, most of all, which in my opinion will be a great advantage for him as President. I really think he can handle the economy… though, of course, time may prove me wrong.
        I’m always an optimist but I’ve got a touch of realism in this situation as well. The hope I have is that he will start acting more Presidential and that Congress won’t be on his side all the time. Then he’ll be forced to make rational decisions, which is what we all want.
        But it’s too soon to tell what happens next so I may be terribly wrong. I hope I’m not, otherwise, the world’s going to hell =D


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