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A Wonder to Explore — #writephoto

Written for Sue Vincent‘s Thursday Photo Prompt: Track. I missed doing these :3

Lost in the woods, forgotten by the sun,

Distraught, I wander through the rain-soaked trees

In desperate search of safety and of peace,
Away from blood and guns.

I notice fairies bathing in a pond,

Their laughter an incessant melody.

I stand, enraptured, and they notice me—

Their smiles seem almost fond.

As gnomes build castles from the fallen leaves,

As wyverns race over the beaten tracks,

I find myself unable to turn back,

For I don’t want to leave.

The human world—filled to the brink with war,

Defiled by rage—is utterly insane,

While in this forest, feral magic reigns…

A wonder to explore.

Hope you enjoyed ❤ Feel free to comment!


Absolutely fantastic procrastinator. Creative, often irrational, hyperactive. Reader, writer, artist, photographer, film-maker, gamer.

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