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Digital Painting: Beyond the Barrier

Beyond the Barrier

Beyond the Barrier by NinthRaconteur on DeviantArt

Trying, practising, learning, trying out more sophisticated fantasy scenery…

While I’m busy with that, you could leave a comment below and tell me what you think=) (criticism doesn’t bite so feel free to give me it, too).

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Digital Painting: Sunset

I have FINALLY gotten around to digital painting–something I’ve wanted to do for years. This is my third finished work and I must admit, digital painting is awesome. It just gives a little more freedom that real paint and paper, and the layers/effects are really convenient.

Sunset by NinthRaconteur on DeviantArt

Regardless if you’re an artist or not, I’d appreciate your feedback (criticism welcome) and advice, so feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comments!

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Sphere of Light

My first ever attempt at doing something other than editing my photos on Photoshop. A little clumsy, but I realized some of the mistakes I made. I hope my future pics will be a little better=)


Feedback (and advice) would be greatly appreciated!

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The Path

The Path… it leads me through woods weaved out of moonlight. I arrive to places which burn with otherworldly power. I meet shadows and spirits; they tell me stories of times long past, teaching me the intricate ways of traveling from one dimension to another.

As the psychiatrist listened to Mark, he sadly concluded yet again that the boy was beyond curing. He never saw the real world and probably never would. Mark’s mother met him in the corridor and hugged him.

His eyes were empty.

A few little fairies flew around in the same corridor, confused at their discovery. Never once had a wizard been born on a magic-less planet. They contemplated what to do: go against the law and bring Mark to their world or leave him in the morose reality which would eventually kill him.

The Path… it leads me through woods weaved out of moonlight, Mark starts telling his mother.

The fairies made their decision. They had to do what was right.

Thanks to Alison Jardine for her amazing work of art.

Is it weird that even as the author I’m not quite sure what the fairies ultimately decided to do?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Prompt 4. The Fault In Our Stars


Of rain
Caressing my wounded skin

Apparently cleansing my sins

My armor is pulling me down

I think I’d much rather drown

Lifeless on
The riverbank

Kill me
Spare the others
They were just obeying my

I’m sorry
Forgive me
For losing the battle, my friends

Is it really
The end?

I wonder
My brother is
I wonder if he is all right

My final thoughts
Are about
My brother
My source of candescent

I kept him safe when we were younger,

I love him with all that I am.

His smile always made me stronger.

No matter what, he’d understand.

It’s a shame that this war made us part—

It’s a shame I can’t bid him goodbye—

It’s an evident fault in our stars
If you, too, had to die.

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From Prison to War

Handcuffs weigh much more than gravestones.

Visar Zhiti

Forsaken and forlorn,

I’ve rarely seen the sun.

There were walls,

Dark, cold, hard,

Impossible to break.

There were bars and metal gates

As I’d exit my humble abode,

Commanded by those in control

To work, work, work

And seek repentance for my sins:

I was not gray like everybody else,

I thought of joy and colorful desires,

I thought of skies — not dull and rainy veils —

But azure valleys graced by lively clouds.

I thought of changing laws set by our King

And making life for everybody simpler.

I thought that love would one day save our souls

And banish with its rays the pallid winter

That is this world.

I ended up in here.

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