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Remember, Remember, the 9th of November

Yaaay, I finally got back to WordPress. I missed my blog. A whirlwind of work for university clubs and societies, as well as my detrimental tendency to procrastinate haven’t been helpful. But after a month of scarcely writing any stories or poems I feel more than a little depressed; I’m committed to making more time for it now.

But… the central event today is, of course, not the life of a lazy teenager, it is the fact that



(yes, Donald J. Trump)

was elected President of the United States. 

Now I’ve made my position clear a long time ago. I, like many, thought at first that his campaign was a joke and the guy was something along the lines of a psycho but these analyses of Trump’s tactics and strategy made me rethink my initial impression of him. Also, because I’m far from a Clinton supporter and I happen to live in the middle of perpetual crisis (aka Russia) I really, truly wanted him to win.

Despite his radical remarks and actions, he isn’t foolish, he isn’t a psycho and though I’m sure he won’t be a great President, he won’t be a terrible one either.

However, on the 7-8 of November, I woke up, went to class and reminisced on the current affairs in the world with this thought firmly embedded in my mind: Hillary Clinton is definitely going to win. Because of the polls. Because it’s predictable. Because it’s Clinton.

So as my friends and I updated the electorial map and saw Trump leading significantly, I was in a bit of a shock.

Really? His victory is possible?

Florida was a surprise, but what caught me by surprise and convinced me of this…

Image source: Lentach

…was his victory in Pennsylvania. And then this happened.

What can I say?

I am disappointed because I happen to live in a country with an incompetent government where every election is predictably Putin.

I am sincerely happy for Trump though I understand why so many Americans are upset.

I am amazed by this spectacularly bizarre election and the fact that we’re facing this “period of uncertainty”, as Hollande put it, which for me is a weirdly pleasing mixture of fear and excitement.

But come on. Which one of you thought the history of the XXI century was going to go smoothly?

As always, feel free to comment, even if (read: especially) if you disagree. I’ve really missed this community!

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Life Requires Pain

Abandoned by existence,
I drown in limbo’s rain.
No happiness—no pain.

Sweet life, on your insistence,
I fight against the spell
That’s dragging me to hell.

But hate destroys resistance.
The stars desert the skies,
Predicting love’s demise.

Gods offer no assistance;
Observing from their height,
They mock the death of light.

There, in the cosmic distance,
I glimpse forsaken dreams,
I hear tormented screams…

Reclaiming my existence,
I burn under the rain—
Sweet life requires pain.


Photo Credit: Raindrops via photopin (license)

A free Monday=D Wow!

I’m glad I managed to write this in time for Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge this week. Turned out… strange. Not sure if it’s a happy ending or a sad one.

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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Wicked Storm

The wicked storm
Disrupts the kingdom of the dead.
This wicked storm
Destroys all space, and shape, and form.
It veils the sun in cloudy dread;
Its lightning black, its raindrops red–
This wicked storm…

photo ©Fir0002

Ah, finally. Internet fixed. Back to WordPress and my favorite challenges=D

This rondelet was written for Jane Dougherty’s poetry challenge, and it turned out sort of weird and not at all theme-compliant but I’m all into death and destruction and rage in my poetry after the terrible ordeals I had with the lack of Internet and general annoyance with the universe being tricky.


Feel free to ignore my mini-rant and share your thoughts on the poem in the comments!

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Epic Music Monday: Epic Soul Factory – Beyond Our Dreams

Another beautiful piece of epic music=)

Aethereal Engineer

I love epic music! For me it is a perfect combination of the classic orchestral scoring, chorales and electronica music that I have enjoyed for decades. This stuff inspires me, and is a great companion as I write away on an exiting piece of fiction. Therefore, on Mondays I share a new piece by various artists on the blog… Epic Music Mondays!

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Epic Music Monday: Two Steps From Hell – Chase The Light

Because Two Steps From Hell is amazing. Makes me want to write epic poetry=)

Aethereal Engineer

I love epic music! For me it is a perfect combination of the classic orchestral scoring, chorales and electronica music that I have enjoyed for decades. This stuff inspires me, and is a great companion as I write away on an exiting piece of fiction. Therefore, on Mondays I share a new piece by various artists on the blog… Epic Music Mondays!

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7 Things I Love About The Cursed Child

Sure, yeah, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child has quite a few plot holes, out-of-character Harry, Ron & Hermione and a questionable villain, but for me, it’s the underlying themes that count. In this play, it’s the ever-present (in the HPverse) themes of love, friendship and overcoming hardships with the people you care about. These are the things that made it enjoyable for me, and many others.

Anyway, SPOILERS ahead in the list of things I loved about The Cursed Child.

  1. The Amazing Duo

ALBUS: Albus. Al. I’m — my name is Albus . . .

SCORPIUS: Hi Scorpius. I mean, I’m Scorpius. You’re Albus. I’m Scorpius.

And so, the two main characters, Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy, become friends. Their friendship is great. Realistic. Tender. Beautiful. I enjoyed how the two interact, and I loved each of them on their own. While Albus is in his brooding, angsty teen period, Scorpius goes through quite a lot of trouble himself, which makes his mostly positive attitude seem heroic.

What I absolutely adored is the mutual understanding between the two; when misunderstanding happens (Albus is being a little too self-centered, no surprise), Scorpius says the following:

So I’m sorry if I’ve ruined your life because I tell you — you wouldn’t have a chance of ruining mine — it was already ruined. You just didn’t make it better.

They talk, they reconcile, and the interaction is, most of all, believable and relatable. I’m glad these two are friends, but of course, it wouldn’t have happened if Albus wasn’t in…

  1. Slytherin

Harry Potter’s son, in Slytherin. In Hogwarts, it turns out to be a pretty big deal, and bullies instantly show their ugly, miserable selves.

I’m glad, though, that the writers decided to make it this way and showed Albus and Scorpius fighting the prejudice together. And although it isn’t the root of the problem, I’m sure Albus being in Slytherin contributed to…

  1. The imperfect relationship between Albus and Harry.

ALBUS: I didn’t choose, you know that? I didn’t choose to be his son.

Aka, Harry is sort of a lousy dad to Albus. It is understandable, at least for me. He has Lily and James, who are just… normal, and Albus, who very obviously stands out.

Albus’ mother, Ginny, does a better job of understanding his son, while Harry needs to work at it. I’m glad they showed this relationship because, like in reality, nothing is perfect. Harry and his son go a long way before trying to make amends, and I loved reading about their journey.

  1. Severus Snape and Scorpius vs. Dementors

In an alternate reality, where Harry (therefore, Albus as well) doesn’t exist, Voldemort rules and Snape is part of a resistance against his regime, Scorpius from the Voldemort-free world and Severus are cornered by Dementors. This ensues.

SNAPE: Listen to me, Scorpius. Think about Albus. You’re giving up your kingdom for Albus, right? One person. All it takes is one person. I couldn’t save Harry for Lily. So now I give my allegiance to the cause she believed in. And it’s possible — that along the way I started believing in it myself.

SNAPE sends forward a Patronus, and it’s a beautiful white shape of a doe. SCORPIUS: A doe? Lily’s Patronus. SNAPE: Strange, isn’t it? What comes from within.

*crying like a baby*

  1. Headmistress McGonagall…

Says to Hermione:

If I could also give a detention to you, Minister, I would. Keeping hold of a Time-Turner, of all the stupid things!

Yeah, I think she should have just said “Go to hell” and given all of the parties involved detention. Due to McGonagall’s imposing demeanor, even the Minister wouldn’t have minded.

  1. Draco and Harry

Making amends! Talking! Being in the same room several and dueling each other only once!

They have more things in common now that they have kids and, well, father-son issues, and seeing them undo the mess Albus and Scorpius had made is pretty cool.

  1. Who is the cursed child?

Voldemort’s daughter? Albus? Scorpius? Harry? Maybe Draco? I love how this is left an open question, all things considered, and I think it’s something to ponder.

Final rating: 9/10. Highly recommend.

Actually, the eighth thing I love about the series could be this: it exists. Honestly, I’m glad Rowling chose to create this little masterpiece, imperfect on the surface but beautiful beneath.

Other (more elaborate) reviews on WordPress I enjoyed reading:

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child — DaniellaWrites

Book Review: Harry Potter and The Cursed Child — BookishKirra

What do you think about The Cursed Child? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Calling All Poets/Creative Minds to A Grand Collaboration – Poets for Peace

Poets for Peace… A beautiful initiative to which anyone can contribute. In a world filled with so much hate, it may seem like a few words can’t make a difference, but really, anything–and anyone–can.


image copyright neha 2016

    image copyright neha 2016

Hello Everyone,

This collaboration is initiated by my talented friend Michael (M. Zane McClellan)  from the poetry channel and will be hosted here on forgottenmeadows. Many wonderful bloggers like Marie (, Kim ( and others have helped in putting this together and spreading the word out. The deadline for contribution is August 31st, 2016! I urge you to help us make this creative effort successful by joining in.Below is Michael’s message:

“In response to the recent unceasing, and, in fact escalating global violence, we have seen and felt a corresponding surge in poetry about it.

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to share your thoughts and feelings, a piece of yourself, to add to other Poets from around the world. We are hopeful that the combined weight of our collective spirit and wisdom will be felt worldwide as well.


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250+ Followers!

So this was my face

Cat, Kitten, Head, Gray, Tomcat, Domestic Cat

When I checked my follower count and found it at over 250! I’ve been a little on and off here lately because reality is crazy this summer, so this was quite surprising to see. And amazing.


Y O U!

It really is an honor to be part of such a great community, where I’ve met amazing bloggers (I mean you), who helped me not only become more confident and optimistic about my writing, but have also greatly helped me improve. That requires a separate thank you, to all of you who share your thoughts on my posts and make it a great experience to be here.

Here’s to 300 followers!

Till next time!

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4 Quick Ways To Write A #BookReview And Overcome Your Fears #MondayBlogs

This is an amazing initiative!

Rosie Amber

Authors WANT  Reviews

Make an Author's Day

Simple! How many times have you read pleas on social media for readers to write reviews? – Probably Loads.

Does the thought of writing a book review send you racing to the hills? – I can see plenty of you nodding in agreement.

WHAT holds you back?

Reading Soft edge

6 common replies:

I can’t write.

I can’t write paragraphs about a book.

I don’t know what to write.

I’m afraid of what people will think of my review.

I’m an author and don’t want a backlash on my own books.

I don’t have the time.

Let’s turn this around

I can’t write – I bet if you can read, you can write.

I can’t write paragraphs about a book – Good News, Amazon accepts one sentence reviews now as do many other sites.

I don’t know what to write – Ah! Quick Question – Why did you like or Dislike…

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Review: The Cursed Child (Spoiler-free)

Back when it was announced that there would be a Harry Potter play, a sort of eighth instalment in the HP series, I didn’t care much about it. I literally started looking forward to it only in the beginning of this summer, and even then, I was skeptical. Though Rowling was one of the writers, I feared a new story would ruin the previous books. And let me make it clear, the first few pages reinforced this idea in my head.

I kept reading, though, and soon, I was drawn into a mess of a plot, with all its flaws, out-of-character behavior and moderately predictable villain (though it took me a while to see this particular twist) and I…


Reviewers are divided, it seems, some claiming it reads like a fanfiction and others pointing out the amazing emotional parts of the play and the great characterization of the two main characters: Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy.

I’m leaning more towards the second camp; I laughed and cried on the journey with the brand new characters, and did the same as we met the (unfortunately deceased) characters we know and love. It involves several impossible (according to Einstein and common sense) scenarios with alternate realities, but I was able to ignore these inconsistencies because, as I’d mentioned, there was great characterization (the lovable duo Albus the Reckless and Scorpius the Dreadless). I also particularly enjoyed the Relative (’cause I’m heavy on Einstein today) Redemption of Slytherin (and Draco), Harry Potter’s Great Fear of sort of spoiler, sort of funny (I can’t even), Ron Weasley the Most Chilled and McGonnagal the Badass Troublemaker-Sponsor. Oh, and Fathers and Sons. That’s a great theme, one that I didn’t expect to be explored in such a way, but it was done nicely, in my opinion.

Spoiler-free is so hard, I hope I’m not doing it wrong.

I’ll give the play a proper rating in the spoilery review, but it’s definitely a firm 8.5–9 out of 10, and I have no regrets.

This is it for the quick spoiler-free review. I couldn’t hold it in.

Anyway, have you read Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? If not, would you like to? If yes, did you love it/hate it? What were the enjoyable parts for you and what did you dislike about it?

I’d love to discuss this so feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!