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Fantasy Sonnet 2: Dragon Friend

Immortal dragons, merciless and strong,
Are noble, quaint and inherently wise.
Their cries are teasing, like a siren’s song,
Their fires bring both comfort and demise.

They fly by day, traversing azure skies,
And hunt for prey in murky woods at night.
No act on earth escapes their prying eyes,
And every human trembles at their might.

The dragons never notice little me,
Though I observe them each and every day.
I know the dangers, but I will not flee
If I should see one standing in my way;

I’ll speak the language dragons comprehend
And ask him if he’d like to be my friend.

Another fantasy sonnet completed=) If you liked this sonnet, check out the previous one: A Mage’s Fate

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Fantasy Sonnet 1: A Mage’s Fate

My words cannot express my woeful state,
My screams cannot communicate my pain,
Nor can I pray for peace, for it’s too late
To think about escaping your disdain.

Your eyes look down upon me with contempt,
You’ve sentenced me to torture and disgrace,
You claim I have malevolent intent
To poison and destroy the human race.

But never have I once committed crimes
Which undermine the morals of your world.
A mage, I live in xenophobic times;
My soul is free while yours are chained in cold.

Though there’s no solace in this world of hate,
In my next life, I see a better fate.

I’ve been meaning to write a sonnet for a long time but whenever I tried, it seemed pretty difficult for some reason. Writing in this form about fantasy seems easy enough though, and I hope to improve my sonnet writing skills by composing 154 of them… Will my patience last long enough? Shakespeare only knows=)

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