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Detailed Nature

Whether noticing such small wonders in a field…IMG_7203

Or capturing flowers up close to notice all the detailsIMG_7329


Or seeing intricate patterns in the sky…IMG_4460

Taking photos of nature always makes me happy. I hope you like these. Feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments!


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Photo Friday: Macro Flowers & Raindrops

Again, sharing some old photos of mine. The first two depict very different flowers, one bright, big and blooming, the other smaller, already a bit damaged, hence I made it black and white. It seemed to fit it better.

Spider on a Yellow Flower

By the way, no idea who that creeper on the first photo is=D


This is my favorite thing to do: taking photos of raindrops. Here I managed to catch the light so they seem to be glowing a little, but of course, it could have been done more effectively.Water Drops on Leaves

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Look Up and Stare

This week’s photo challenge is look up. Here are some photos I took while admiring my favorite part of the outside–the sky.

Photo Jul 11, 4 19 12 PM-Recovered

I honestly find myself enchanted by particular cloudy shapes and the game of light up above. Beautiful.Photo Jul 11, 4 15 37 PM-Recovered

Photo Jul 11, 4 20 45 PM.jpg

Moving away from the blue–this is a photo I took as I looked up during a stroll, seeing the sunlight trying to creep through the thick mess of leaves.Photo Jul 11, 4 05 12 PM-Recovered

What do you think of the photos? I’d love to see your thoughts in the comments!

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Photo Friday: Abandoned

I have a lot of photos from both my old point and shoot and DSLR cameras, so I thought I’d dedicate Fridays to posting them.

These are two very similar photos, but I wonder if the implications are different? I focused on the leaf in the first photo, while in the second one, the road extends ahead.

Lonely Leaf.jpg


To me, it seems more hopeful. What do you think?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, and if you liked these photos, you can find more (I won’t be posting them here) on Instagram.

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Opposite Elements

Opposites made me think of fire and water, earth and air.

I happened to have these little spheres lying around, their colors, in my view, representing the elements.

No DSLR, unfortunately, so the quality isn’t that good. I’m hoping to get a new camera soon though=)

Feel free to tell me what you think about the photos in the comments!

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Curving Nature

Nature is never static. Open spaces in the countryside and the city alike are filled with twists and turns, unexpected scenery and quaint objects, as well as curves.


It’s rare that I can find trees that are curved and bent this much. Whenever I do, I take a photo; there’s something about the intertwining branches that enchants me.


A seemingly harmless path in a small wood, but where does it lead? Does it continue to curve until it reaches a dead-end, a clearing, a street, or something else entirely?

Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments!

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Pure Nature

It’s my first time participating in The Daily Post photo challenge. Some photos I took recently reminded me of the prompt, so, here goes.


It’s not at all inspiring when you have early-spring-like weather in the beginning of summer, but the recurrent rain and cold winds have made me more aware of the quiet moments after the storms. And these very gentle, pure raindrops brought a smile to my face.


This is a little clumsy, yet I couldn’t help but capture it. There were only a few moments to take the photo, and here’s the result.


This was taken a while ago, back in May, when these pure white flowers were in the very beginning of their lifetime.

What do you think? Feel free to comment!