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Photo Friday: Macro Flowers & Raindrops

Again, sharing some old photos of mine. The first two depict very different flowers, one bright, big and blooming, the other smaller, already a bit damaged, hence I made it black and white. It seemed to fit it better.

Spider on a Yellow Flower

By the way, no idea who that creeper on the first photo is=D


This is my favorite thing to do: taking photos of raindrops. Here I managed to catch the light so they seem to be glowing a little, but of course, it could have been done more effectively.Water Drops on Leaves

I hope you enjoyed the photos. Let me know what you think in the comments!

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Photo Friday: Abandoned

I have a lot of photos from both my old point and shoot and DSLR cameras, so I thought I’d dedicate Fridays to posting them.

These are two very similar photos, but I wonder if the implications are different? I focused on the leaf in the first photo, while in the second one, the road extends ahead.

Lonely Leaf.jpg


To me, it seems more hopeful. What do you think?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, and if you liked these photos, you can find more (I won’t be posting them here) on Instagram.