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Conflict In Literature

This… is actually pretty accurate=D

Photo Credit: Grant Snider (license)

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Writing Wednesday: Outlines

Since this is a writing blog, it seems logical to post a little about my writing process. Though here, I post mostly poetry and short fiction, I am (finally!) working on a (fantasy!) novel. As in, writing the first draft, and I must say, Camp NaNoWriMo has done wonders in battling my procrastination.

However, there is one, problem-not-quite-problem that I’ve faced when writing the novel, and that is outlining. I’m one of those writers who doesn’t do that, and, apparently, judging from my tumblr rant which begins like this

I’m one of those people for whom outlining just doesn’t work.

The ‘outline’ for my current project is the product of several years of thinking and overthinking what the story is going to be about, delving (in my mind) into the past of the main characters and exploring them by imagining all the scenes they’re involved in prior to the beginning of the actual novel. The book’s idea, at first, was a mix of cliché magical academy/dragons/normal-boy-finds-out-he’s-a-mage plots, and now that I’ve spent so much time thinking about it and trying to make it original, it actually seems original and whole now, and writing with no outline is perfectly fine.

What I’m hoping for is that this doesn’t blow up in my face and I won’t get stuck in the middle of the novel and fail at NaNoWriMo, letting the claws of procrastination tighten around my life. D is for dramatic.

What kind of author are you? Is an outline essential? If not, is it still preferable to use one, in your opinion?

Feel free to share your thoughts (and advice) in the comments below.

Till next time!

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This is too epic

“You want a war, George? Welcome to Shire-raq.”

Dammit, this is awesome. I’ve been wanting these two to face each other on Rap Battles for ages and yaaaaay, my dream has come true=)

Hands down victory to Tolkien. After “You’re a pirate, you even stole my R.R.” it was pretty obvious.

Regarding books… Tolkien will always be my favorite. The Lord of the Rings is my childhood. The series that made me fall in love with fantasy. The books that always make me happy when I feel down.

A Song of Ice and Fire is a great series and I adore both the plot and the characters, but admittedly I always feel inclined to read a little bit of Tolkien after too much of Martin’s war-death-betrayal-intrigue-etc.

But who needs conflicts? They’re both awesome fantasy writers.