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Massacre of Stars

An imminent
danger—a shooting
of stars… dying
and darkening,
and falling—Limbo is following,
Chaos is calling.
Welcome, my friend,
to the orbit of Mars,
the massacre
of stars

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Dragon Child

The toddler was stuck in his lonely crib, forbidden from leaving his room by his parents– and they were rarely at home. He spent most of his days looking over the crib through the window, sad and wistful.

His only company were his toys. The child’s mind conjured them easily. He let the small ones into his crib sometimes, while the bigger animals were situated on the floor of his spacious chamber. They seemed intelligent, but they were all mute.

One day, he let his imagination soar and created a red scaly winged beast, and the dimensions of his room had to be expanded to make sure his new friend had enough space. Soon, the child’s mind began to broaden as well; for some reason, his new creation could speak, and its rough voice enchanted the boy with prospects of freedom, new worlds and possibilities.

Shortly after, the boy’s parents returned to find their child gone. A strange beast sat on the floor of the room instead. The two deities were only mildly surpised to recognize their offspring’s gaze in the creature’s eyes. Finally naming their child, they freed another god into the multiverse.

His name was Dragon.


 Artist: Else Berg

Written for Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge.

I can’t seem to write anything but fantasy these days. Probably the effect of the novel I’m working on. Magic is everywhere, and life is good=)

Feel free to comment (and criticize)!

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The Island of the Fairies – #writephoto

The island of the fairies never sleeps.
The fairy folk are full of love and light,
yet buried in the murky ocean depths
are fallen angels full of hate and spite.

The magic of the fairies never sleeps;
the fairy folk invoke its power when
the darkness rises with intent to kill
and wreak destruction on the world of men.

The valor of the fairies never sleeps.
They fight against the forces of the night
so humankind will never have to see
the demons spreading misery and blight.

The island of the fairies never sleeps.
The fairy folk are full of love and light,
protecting pure existence from a war
with anger, horror, suffering and fright.

A poem inspired by Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt. I don’t know why I associated island with fairies but it happened.

Feel free to tell me what you think in the comments!