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Darkness Nears

The storm arises–we take flight,
We search for light
While trudging through the rainy night.
We need to fight.

We need to fight our foes–our fears–
As darkness nears.
They makes us doubt our hope and faith
Like deathly wraiths.

Like deathly wraiths we walk this land,
You hold my hand.
And whisper: Love, we will be free–
Believe in me.

Today’s Daily Post prompt is storm. 

I’d love to see your thoughts on the poem in the comments!

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Curiosity took the better of him.

The voice he thought he’d heard seemed painfully familiar. He told his companions to wait for him while he inspected the derelict house across the street. Had they known his reason for going there, they’d laugh.

He wasn’t wrong though. There she was, leaning on the windowsill, ethereal and beautiful, a light smile on her face. Somehow back from the dead, his former wife was beckoning him to come closer.

The temptation was hard to resist.

He waltzed with the mysterious spirit, remembering times long past, wondering, fearing, dreaming. He took a great risk, knowing that if this was a wraith, it would be impossible to break free of its hold.

A frenzied kiss with the image of his loved one quelled his fear for the time being.

Written for Jane Dougherty’s Microfiction Challenge. Another amazing prompt with a romantic touch. I couldn’t help but make it dark. Sort of.

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Painting: Edward Munch

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Let Me Burn

Don’t start rebuilding my heart after
you left it in shambles. Why do you care
about correcting your mistakes? Laughter
escapes you when I stop and stare
at you, the man who made me lose
faith in the sky. The man who promised
he would free me from chains, let me choose
the path I most wanted to follow.
You swore to this princess,
who hated the court, that you would show
her the universe and all of its wonders.
Now you’ve broken me and I have no place to go;
I’m lost in this convoluted game of lies.
It’s a sickening surprise when you return
and there’s false remorse in your laughing eyes.
Go away. Let me be — let me burn…

Written in response to today’s Daily Post prompt — rebuild.

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