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Haiku: Lightning Hopes

branches of lightning

rise above the clouds, hoping

to transcend the stars

Written for Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku Challenge.

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A Few Poems

Slowly awaking,
nature bathes in morning light–
it’s ready to bloom.


While carefree minds
feeble observations
and tie the art of magic
with ostentation,
in-depth analysis
a clear correlation
between magicless existence
and bleak imagination.


A feast for death
is underway as war begins.
A feast for death…
we will need all our strength and stealth
to cleanse the enemy’s dark sins.
We’ll judge their slaves, we’ll judge their kings–
a feast for death.

I felt guilty about the Daily Post prompts I missed=)

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Haiku: Prophecies

Prophecies of joy,

love and understanding… yet

the world doesn’t change


You predicted I

would lose, but you never thought

I would rise again

Two haikus in response to today’s Daily Post promptprophecy. I’m finally, finally done with exams and I’m still recovering from all that stress. Once I do, I’ll be more active with writing=)

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